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South Killingly Fire Department "House On The Hill"
South Killingly Fire Department        "House On The Hill"

The South Killingly Fire Department's members are professional, competent, and outgoing individuals. Stop in and get to know them.

Active Membership

Seth DeAngelis - Chief

Travis Vandale - Deputy Chief*

Tom Brennan Safety Officer

Joseph Lee Captain

Amanda Hutchins - Captain

Scott Martel Captain

Addam Schaetzle - Lieutenant

Josh Rhodes Lieutenant

Matt Lawton - Lieutenant (Vice President)

Connor Coppola - Lieutenant


Our Officer's are great individuals. Click a name above to get to know them


Stephanie Albee - EMT

Randy Burchard - Firefighter/EMR* - Killingly Fire Marshall

Vikki Burchard - Firefighter

Zachary Brignole - Firefighter/EMT

Robert Challinor - Firefighter

Jaz-Lynn Clark - JR Firefighter

Kevin Clark - Firefighter/EMT

Randy Daggett - EMT

Levi Davis - Firefighter/EMR

Mike Doti - Engineer (President)

Lenny Durand - Firefighter/EMR

Jazon Eldridge - Firefighter/Paramedic

Austin Erickson - Scene Support

Elizabeth Erskine - Firefighter/EMR (Secretary)

Matt Fortin - Firefighter

Xavier Harrelle - Firefighter/EMT

Tammy Herrick - EMT (Treasurer)

Emma Hutchins - Firefighter/EMT

Zachary King - Firefighter/EMT

Amber Morrell - EMR

Isabella Notarantonio - EMR

Joe Simmonds - Firefighter

Steve Varga - Firefighter/Paramedic

Scott Walker - EMT

Raymond Wood - EMT (Chaplain)


* Life Member

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